Long Distance and International Clients

Those who live at a great distance may arrange a formal telephone consultation. Dr. Lindner cannot order insurance-covered
tests without a telephone consult or office visit. He can prescribe hormones
only after an office visit. See Testing for the lab
tests that he usually wants to see. You can obtain these on your own or with the help of your local physician. Doctors will only
order tests that they believe are necessary, so if you decide to ask your local physician to order tests, be sure to discuss your
symptoms with him/her so that the doctor may agree that the tests are medically indicated. Your doctor will be unfamiliar with
saliva cortisol testing, so you'll probably have to order that yourself. The saliva cortisol profile is important if you have severe
fatigue, anxiety, pain, allergies, autoimmune disease, or depression.

Phone Consultation
Send copies of lab tests, the completed forms, a digital photo of yourself, and any other relevant medical information to Dr.
Lindner's office: either by e-mail, mail, or fax. The best e-mail attachment is a single .pdf (Acrobat) file that contains the
completed forms and lab results. Then call the office to arrange a phone consult. After the phone consult, Dr. Lindner will
send you a copy of his notes including recommendations. As per the contract, the call will be charged at
$7 per minute, plus
post-call documentation time at the same rate. There is no charge for follow up questions by e-mail. If your local doctor is
prescribing hormones for you, then either you or your doctor may consult with Dr. Lindner by phone a second time. Dr.
Lindner cannot, however, provide ongoing management advice to anyone who has not established a full doctor-patient
relationship by having an office consultation.
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