The Art and Science of Hormone Restoration
Henry H. Lindner, MD

Endocrinology requires a  new paradigm--a new way of thinking about hormones and their role in human health and quality of life. A new paradigm
cannot be published in any journal for many reasons (I have tried.). The journals' editors and reviewers are products of the current paradigm and will
only consider articles that stay firmly within that paradigm. More importantly, one cannot "fix" any part of the current paradigm in isolation--that would
only create problems. I have been writing a book on this subject and have decided to start posting the chapters rather than leave it unpublished for
years to come. I am hoping to pass on what I have learned through 14 yrs of research, thinking and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of
hormone deficiencies.

I have all of the chapters of the book prepared in draft form. I will post them here in order as I improve them sufficiently. I will update and improve the
chapters over time. It will be a work in progress--as long as I live.

Preface: How I Learned about the Power of Hormones (First Posted Jan, 21, 2018)

Chapter 1: Hormones, Aging, and the Female Sex (Posted Jan 27, 2018

Chapter 2: Against Endocrinology's Glandular Disease-Reference Range Paradigm: Towards a New Clinical Endocrinology (Posted Jan 31, 2018)

Chapter 3: Principles of Clinical Endocrinology (Posted Feb. 11, 2018)

Coming Soon:

Chapter 4: On the Illogic and Ineffectiveness of TSH-T4 Reference Range Thyroidology

Chapter 5: Towards a New Clinical Thyroidology

Chapter 6: Natural Medicine over Pharmaceutical Medicine: The Problems With Drugs

Chapter 7: Hormones are not Drugs: How the FDA's DrugThink has Corrupted Endocrinology

Chapter 8: On the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypocortisolism

Chapter 9: On the Importance of DHEA

Chapter 10: On T3 and Cortisol's Interactions

Chapter 11: Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone in Women

Chapter 12: On the Supposed Risks of Menopausal HRT: Cardiovascular Disease and Breast Cancer

Chapter 13: Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone Therapy in Women

Chapter 14: Testosterone Optimization in Men

Chapter 15: Growth Hormone Optimization

Appendix 1: Review of the T4/T3 Combination Therapy Studies

Appendix 2: Big Pharma's HRT Wars

Appendix 3: Big Pharma's War Against Compounded Hormone Products

Appendix 4: The Professional Endocrine Associations' Anti-Endocrinology

Appendix 5: The Organization-Structural Problems with the Specialty of Endocrinology

Appendix 6: Government Actions Required to Stop and Reverse the Destruction of Endocrinology

Appendix 7: How to Start and Run a Restorative Endocrinology Practice

For Health and Quality of Life