Dr. Lindner graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1984 from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Being more interested in
philosophy and neuropsychology than medicine, he entered a psychiatric residency. However, he soon realized that psychiatry
was committed to a pharmaceutical "diagnose and drug" scheme based upon false genetic and neurotransmitter theories. He
resigned after a rotating internship, deciding to do "real medicine" instead. He was assigned to be a general medical officer
and flight surgeon in the US Air Force. After service in Izmir, Turkey and Lowry AFB in Denver, he left the Air Force in 1989
and took a position in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the chief physician for the employees and families of Boeing and
McDonnell-Douglas corporations in that country. It was not until he returned to the US in 2004 that he discovered there was an
alternative to pharmaceutical medicine. He was introduced to bioidentical hormone replacement by Dr. Sandra Lane--a
chiropractic physician who had taken a course with
Dr. Neal Rouzier. Click here for Dr. Lindner's full CV.

To educate himself in this--for a physician--unknown territory, Dr. Lindner attended Dr. Neal Rouzier's
basic and advanced
BHRT courses, and symposia sponsored by  the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) and the American
Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (
A4M). He read the works of all the most of the prominent practitioners in the field. Most
importantly, however, he reviewed
hundreds of scientific studies in the course of his own research. He continues to spend
many hours each week at the
PubMed site and subscribes to UpToDate. He has tried and failed to find any evidence to
indicate that balanced hormone restoration has any risks that could possibly outweigh the well-known benefits. He is
continually amazed at the amount of research that shows the importance of optimal hormone levels, and that invalidates the
current written and unwritten endocrine guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of hormone deficiencies. He is writing
papers and books on the need to re-create the practice of endocrinology.

He thought initially that he would just replace hormones typically lost with age--the male and female sex hormones. However,
he soon began to see many women seeking "hormone replacement" who had severe fatigue, pain, insomnia, and other
symptoms  that did not respond to sex hormone replacement. Seeking a natural explanation for their symptoms, he found that
they often suffered from undiagnosed or undertreated iron, Vitamin D, thyroid and/or cortisol insufficiencies. He began to treat
these deficiencies clinically--according to the patient's symptoms and began to see tremendous improvements in the vast
majority of these women. He now believes that most cases of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and depression and other general
symptoms are caused, at least in part, by deficiencies of these known hormones and nutrients.

For the past 7 years, he has observed how hormone and basic nutrient restoration can transform lives--to an extent
unimaginable to a conventionally-trained (pharmaceutical) physician. Having seen these impressive benefits, and having
witnessed the propaganda wars waged by drug companies against non-patentable hormones and nutrients, he slowly came to
realize that the science and practice of medicine has been captured by pharmaceutical corporations. One of the reasons that
conventional endocrinology fails to recognize the importance of optimal levels and effects of our major hormones is that its
professional associations are funded by drug companies. Dr. Lindner has joined the growing number of physicians who are
choosing minimize the use of pharmaceuticals and instead seeking to find and correct the causes of their patients' disorders--
to optimize their health and quality of life using molecules that are natural to the body and to the biosphere.
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