Natural-Scientific vs. Pharmaceutical Medicine

One can define two ways to practice medicine:

Natural-Scientific—Identify the deficiencies, excesses, or dysfunction of essential molecules and molecular systems in the
body and correct them using bioidentical molecules whenever possible (hormones, nutrients, genes, etc.).

Pharmaceutical—Give the symptoms or laboratory abnormality a name (chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, depression,
hyperlipidemia, anxiety disorder, insomnia, etc.) and create non-natural, patentable molecules that produce some improvement,
always at the cost of side effects.

Natural Scientific medicine should be primary; pharmaceutical medicine secondary. Every auto mechanic knows that
he should fix the
cause of the problem using  original parts whenever possible--right? But that's not how conventional
(pharmaceutical) medicine views the human body. Instead, every symptom or laboratory abnormality is seen as an indication to
prescribe some invented molecule that does not belong in the human body and is generally poisonous.

Natural hormones and vitanutrients can restore health. Pharmaceuticals usually cannot restore health except in certain
cases (e.g. killing parasites). Pharmaceuticals are alien molecules, if they were not alien to the body, they could not be patented
and therefore would not be highly profitable. Being unnatural to the body, their effects in the body are always of a
kind--they disrupt normal physiology by blocking receptors, inhibiting enzymes, etc. Pharmaceutical hormone substitutes have
some of the functions of the natural hormone, but not all, and cause problems that the bioidentical hormone does not cause.
The body does not recognize pharmaceuticals and cannot easily eliminate them. They can cause allergic reactions, numerous
side effects, and long-term damage to health. The use of pharmaceuticals is often necessary, of course, but should always be a
last resort and accompanied by proper hormone and vitanutrient restoration. However, our conventional medical system is so
oriented towards pharmaceutical practice that
every complaint, every abnormal physical or lab finding is viewed as an
opportunity to prescribe a drug approved by the FDA for that problem
. Hormones and vitanutrients are neglected.
Inadequate, outdated ideas about testing for and restoring hormones persist.

Today the emphasis is all on pharmaceutical practice--putting a bandaid on the problem and using parts that are not
original! That's where the
big money is for the pharmaceutical corporations, so that's the model they promote with their billions
of research and advertising dollars. Pharmaceutical companies fund medical organizations and medical information at all levels,
distorting medical science so much that most physicians have unfounded confidence in unnatural drugs while
remaining ignorant and fearful of natural hormones, vitamins, and minerals!
Most doctors simply have no idea to what
extent their profession has been compromised by drug-company money.

So one misses the point completely when complaining about  "allopathic", "conservative", or "Western" medicine. Today's
dominant practice model is none of those things: It is
Radical Pharmaceutical Medicine. It is a perversion of natural medical
science and of the history, culture, and morality of the medical profession.
For Health and Quality of Life